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Real life is chaotic at the moment—don't expect any submission besides the random sketch.


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Hi! I am PetLoverSpy, PLS for short.
I am a girl (if you hadn't guessed), sixteen years old and my life and whole future basically goes around writing and drawing. My mom homeschooles me and my fifteen-year old brother, giving me enough time to write my series Twelve Element Clans, of which the first volume has been published already (Journey to my Heart). I love fantasy and animals, which is usually what I write and draw about. I'm generally crazy and absent-minded, and was introduced to DeviantArt by my good friend Murph /snuggles
Some random stuff about me: I sit behind my computer all-day long and when I start laughing, I can't stop for another five minutes. I have four of the cutest kitties in the world and a sweet but too playful teenage pup Woolfie, which I talk to all-day long. I often end up wandering through the house forgetting what I was going to do and I tend to forget to brush my hair. Me and my brother are best friends for life, and our random conversations often result in brilliant plot ideas. I am an extreme perfectionist and you will rarely see me love my own drawings, more often criticize them until everyone becomes annoyed with me.

  • Mood: Peaceful
  • Listening to: Starkid Soundtracks
  • Reading: A Game of Thrones
  • Watching: Castle (S6)
  • Drinking: WATER
Sooooo, I haven't been on here in a while. Got 10.000 deviantWATCH messages to look at x.x Well, I'm going away for a trip to whale sharks in the summer, and then a dear dear friend is coming to visit, so my DeviantArt habits don't seem to be changing soon.

I'm working on some stuff. For lack of a plot in my main story, I've taken some old ideas off the shelf to dust them off and spark some life in them, and it's working quite well. I think I just had a Panthress burnout after obsessing over her for two years x3 I do hope that once I go back to that universe, I can FINALLY think of some kind of storyline. That'd be nice.

I've got a few other writing things going — two crossovers, a GoT fanfic, and something focusing on a Lea character that otherwise wouldn't get a feature in the story, and I'm actually revising JTMH (which is going to take a long time) — but I've basically come to terms with the fact that I'm too paranoid to post any writing here until a book with those characters in it has been published. So... Canon plots, those would be useful.

Also I need to clean my desk. There are currently five books here, two sketch blocks, four maps, a Sims game, three notebooks, two USB sticks, a dozen tags for all kinds of random stuff, a bracelet, a broken camera, broken headphones, and infinite amounts of paper notes. Oh, and a glass that I broke last month but am still using because I love it so frickin' much.

I'm probably going to have to get some blood taken to check what type I have. Already faint. But my inability to handle needles and blood is kinda weighing against the fact that I am REALLY curious to know what type I have.

And in my long, long absence, I've become addicted to Starkid musicals. And the GoT books. That's pretty much all for me.

'Till September? x3
  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: Libérée, Délivrée ('Le
  • Reading: Order of the Phoenix
  • Watching: Castle & The Half-Blood Prince
  • Playing: Sims 3
Heeey, I just got back from a trip to Dominica—snorkeling with sperm whales! It was amazing; long days on the boat, but we had a unique encounter with a playful calf and I do hope I've got some good pictures of that.
Oh, and not bragging, but my mom became World Champion of underwater photography just a little before that. Ellen Cuylaerts, first woman ever to hold that title. Not bragging, not bragging at all.

Me, I'm doing much better. I'm keeping my mind off things, and I'm actually being debatably productive; I'll have a drawing up in a couple of minutes. Sketching loads of stuff, too. Though I could work on writing productivity (problem being that I'm ADHD and I've got too many projects; I keep hopping between them without really settling down and finishing anything x3).

And… That was a stupid update about me. Venting in these journals kinda helps me, so I'll be doing that, whether it annoys my watchers or not (you can always just unwatch my journals, I don't say a lot of interesting stuff anyway).

Off to see if I can keep up the art streak!

  • Reading: Ransom My Heart
  • Watching: Dexter
I was planning to be more active on DeviantArt, but… Then two weeks ago, one of the twins got hit by a car. Just two and a half years old. I'm not quite ready to look at pictures yet, but she was the grey one's sister: [link]
I don't feel like talking about it much, just… Drive carefully. If you've experienced this before, then you know what it feels like; If you haven't, then trust me, you don't want to know.

Anyway, things like this make me watch a lot of TV, so I discover a new show or two. Besides having falling in love with BBC Sherlock, I recently began watching Dexter. It's the best portrayal of an actual psychopath plus serial killer I have ever seen, and it's great inspiration for my own crimefighting psychopath lady. The knives, needles and blood don't even bother me anymore. And showing it all from Dexter's POV makes it feel very different than most other (usually angsty and dramatic) crime shows; almost calming, in a certain sense.
So yeah, now I have my lovely examples of a high-functioning sociopath (Sherlock) and a psychopath (although whether Dexter is high-functioning or not is debatable).

On a random note, yesterday I found a black hair amongst all my blonde ones. Thought that was pretty cool, because it wasn't just darker in color, it was also much thicker like an actual black hair. But then I accidentally tugged it out a few hours later. Which was brilliant. I've stored it away in a little box just in case I ever need to preform a witchy ritual that requires a cursed hair of mine.

So… That's it for me right now. I'm probably going to post journals more often, because I think writing things down might help my mood. And I'm going to try and post more art (wish me luck with that).

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